The Roots on Whyte community has been a part of Edmonton since 1997. 

It started as a herb and vitamin store, then in 2002 as the trend to organic healthy food emerged; expanded to Organic Roots Food Market; a large format health food market and restaurant located on University of Alberta Campus. 

2008 marked another chapter in the store's history, as the construction of the existing Roots On Whyte building broke ground.  Expanding on the synergy experienced in the University location in 2012.

Our community has grown to include a full compliment of health and wellness professionals on three floors. 

Roots on Whyte is more than a building.  We are a community of professionals, clients, friends and neighbors, united by our shared interest in holistic health and wellness.

We are brought together by the skills and dedication of dozens of health and wellness professionals working for more than twenty local, independently owned businesses, all under one roof.

Our goal is to be the trusted one stop destination for all your wellness needs, fulfilling the needs of your body, mind, and spirit.