About Face Skin Centre

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We believe in a whole body approach to skin care, working with the body not on the body. We offer Natural, Non-Invasive and Drug Free results in a professional  relaxing environment using the highest-quality botanical enzyme treatments with pharmaceutical grade ingredients—no expensive lasers or downtime required. About Face Plus marries DMK, the European superstar of botanical-based skincare products and its 40-year track record with a menu of highly specialized treatments to target everything from acne, brown spots and aging. Come see why About Face Plus is changing the skin care experience.

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Clear Impact Consulting Group

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Clear Impact Consulting Group provides organizational consulting, executive coaching and leadership development services. We have extensive training and over 30 years’ experience in understanding the functioning of both organizations and the people within them. We assist teams and organizations in creating results-oriented cultures vitalized by collaboration and partnership.

Creation Space

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Creation Space is a family oriented studio unique in the Edmonton area. We combine art education with child led discovery and family connectivity. Creation Space is founded on the belief that creative experiences are highly beneficial for the  emotional, intellectual and developmental growth of children. We celebrate curiosity and imagination, nurturing the process of creation rather than focusing on the outcome. We offer a range of classes, open studio time and workshops, for  kids, babies, teens, adults and families. Creation Space is a fun, creative space for your next handmade birthday party, baby shower or team building event. We hope that you will add Creation Space to your list of fun things to do in Edmonton and are excited to see what you create.

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Danielle Forth, Registered Psychologist

Registered psychologist with 15 years of experience. I work in the areas of anxiety, depression, and stress using an eclectic, client centered approach that includes mindfulness based, cognitive behavioral, and solution focused strategies.

I focus on building and maintaining a positive therapeutic relationship that is non-judgmental and respectful. 

I strive to create an atmosphere that promotes safety, self-compassion, insight, and helps to identify steps to move forward, reconnect with joy and live meaningful and satisfying lives. 

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Dr. Graeme T. Clark, Registered Psychologist

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I specialize in assisting parents and children through the complex transitions of separation, divorce and family re-structuring.  Most of my work involves Court-ordered Practice Note 8 Evaluations for determining parenting time & parenting responsibilities, as well as Practice Note 7 Interventions (Evaluative, Voice of the Child and Triage assessments).  I do a small amount of counselling and also continue to consult as a Child Specialist for parents using the Collaborative Divorce process.

Eye of the Storm Massage Therapy

With 12+ years experience Patick Chui RMT Registered Massage Therapist offers; Pre-Natal massage, Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage treating occupational related injuries, MVA recovery, chronic conditions,  soft tissue issues, and if you just want to relax,  choose the luxurious Relaxation Massage to be absolutely pampered and spoiled.

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Heather Baker RMT

T  780 991 3455     E  hbaker49@gmail.com     Suite  203

Heather Baker graduated as a Registered Massage Therapist from Grant MacEwan in 2003. Since then, she has taken many courses in John Barnes Myofascial Release and has had much success with this style of treatment. Because she has taken a variety of other courses and has been a therapist for 14 years, she brings various tools and types of work to her treatments. Barnes MFR addresses the whole person - not just a physical fix.  Heather is proud to be someone who values every client on an individual basis. She has recently taken courses in DNS Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Organ Therapy - structured work, which is very valuable. Though trained as a Massage Therapist, she focuses mainly on the FJB Myofacial release components.

Inner Oracle Wellness

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NES ProVision takes a snapshot of your body’s energy field in 6 seconds. This snapshot will show you where distortions are in your body’s energy field and show information disruptions in your meridians. The program then suggests which unique liquid inforceuticals can help your body to restore its innate healing mechanisms. Experience quantum technology. Contact Bobbi Stobbart at the number or website above to learn more.

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Jay Buhler, Registered Psychologist

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Jay guides you through a therapeutic experience that supports one's capacity to experience satisfying relationships with self and others, resiliency in the face of adversity, meaning and purpose in life and work, the capacity to play and to experience rest,and the ability to feel emotions and use them as a source of wisdom. With over 12 years experience, Jay has specific training in trauma recovery, partner relationship issues, addiction, anxiety and depression, family of origin issues, and mindfulness-based practice. 

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Le Soleil Health and Wholeness

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Le Soleil Health and Wholeness offers a variety of alternative and holistic health services including: Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Osteopathic Therapy, Bio Feedback Breast Thermography, Hypnotherapy, Cranio Sacral, Doula Services, Expressive Arts, Massage Therapy, Iridology and more.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of our practitioners and to book an appointment.

Pathways in Presence Personal Coaching

W  pathwaysinpresence.com  T  1-780-993-9411  E  tuuli@pathwaysinpresence.com   Suite  208

Tuuli Nelson is an experienced Personal Coach who has been supporting adults, children and families for the past 7 years in Edmonton, Alberta. She is also an accomplished Jungian astrologer with a wealth of experience in this domain. She has worked a great deal with special needs children and their families, and also adults from all walks of life.

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Priebe Psychological Services

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Registered Psychologist Diane Priebe  M.Ed, R.Psych,CHT,RCP - I am a child psychologist and I love working with children, adolescents, and their families. Professionally, I have been most influenced by Hakomi mindfulness-centered, somatic psychotherapy, which is a powerful yet gentle body-centered approach that works holistically with people. Personally, I have been drawn to helping people since I was young, and I have always felt a great deal of empathy and connection with others. 

Roots on Whyte Dental

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Roots on Whyte Dental aims to harmonize a patient's dental wellness. Come visit Roots on Whyte Dental, our Edmonton dental office where we are always happy to welcome NEW patients! At our dental office, our patients enjoy oral health care with a focus on ceramic materials in a environmentally friendly environment.