Asking Better Questions: Because we have to.

I was asked recently by Marketing Consultant Sara Bruno to comment on what I believe individualized medicine is for the world. Questions such as these come at a remarkable time in human history when never before have humans collectively created so quickly the problems that now threaten the existence of our species and the planet as a whole – nor have we ever in commonly recorded science been able to quantify or qualify so much of what was once considered sacred truth in ancient civilizations.


We are asking better questions, because we have to.

In particular we can look at the science of genetics, epigenetics and genomics, each contributing to “individualized medicine” which are unravelling biological, historical and environmental determinants related to our DNA; can health outcomes be impacted by factors in ones’ lineage, what markers trigger full-blown life-threatening disease, and what can be reversed or eliminated by virtue of knowing specifically the workings of full DNA sequences? How much suffering can we control individually, or who do we need the help from, and how?

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Posted on August 7, 2019 .